Meet Serge Pretto

Personal Trainer in NYC with over 20 Years of Solid Experience

About Serge Pretto 

Recognized for targeted programs to fit every lifestyle—Seniors, Baby Boomers, Athletes, Actors, Students, Parents, Office Workers—always without steroids and other harmful substances.

Personal Trainer Manhattan

Serge Pretto’s ability to create individualized physical training, weight loss, and body toning workouts is the outcome of more than 20 years of professional experience.

Serge Pretto understands the obstacles and challenges New Yorkers face. His client list includes Seniors, Baby Boomers, Athletes, Actors, Students, Parents, Office Workers, and virtually anyone who, in their day-to-day activities, bends, lifts, reaches, or carries.

Serge has owned and operated gyms in New York and Florida and has consulted with hotels to build fitness centers. A drug-free champion bodybuilder himself, he has served as an adviser to drug-free bodybuilding organizations.

His studies in Physical Education led a physician to ask his help in rehabilitating several patients. From there he trained eight doctors and eventually their patients.

HOURLY RATE & PACKAGES (all packages paid in advance)

Introductory Special: New Clients —$150 for 3 Sessions

  • 1 Hour Session: $85
  • 10 Session Package: $750
  • 20 Session Package: $1,400

Business Hours
Monday - Friday: 6 am - 6 pm
Saturday: 8 am - 1 pm
Sun : Closed