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Customized Personal Training for Weight Loss, Body Toning
& Physical Fitness in Manhattan

Personal fitness programs and workouts to help you reduce weight, make muscles more functional, increase stamina and energy, and achieve a healthier body overall.

Train under the guidance of a high-skilled, certified, experienced fitness professional in your home, your office, or our gym.

Introductory Special: New Clients $150 for 3 Sessions

Serge Pretto

Personal Trainer in NYC with over 20 Years of Solid Experience

Recognized for targeted programs to fit every lifestyle - always without steroids and other harmful substances. 

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Supplied by BMI Calculator USA

Supplied by BMI Calculator USA

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Every time I come down to the city, I make it a point to contact Serge. I meet him at the gym where I do various exercises. Five years ago, Serge was my personnel trainer at the gym where I used to work out. I highly recommend him.

- Barbara Weintraub

I've been training with Serge for a decade. What better recommendation could there be!

- Mary Alice

My running was greatly helped by my personal trainer, Serge. I finished my first New York City Marathon in 3 hours and twenty five minutes. Thanks coach

- R.L.

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